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Collaborator of Aravax, the Benaroya Research Institute, receives $5 million grant

29th January 2018, Seattle, United States of America –The Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle announced receipt of National Institute of Health funding to support investigations into the immune mechanisms of PVX108. The research group led by Erik Wambre (PhD) from the Benaroya Research Institute, became a collaborator of the Australian Biotechnology company Aravax in January 2017. The goal of this funding is to accelerate discovery of treatments for peanut allergies through a collaborative, two-pronged project. The first part of the project aims to better understand and characterise the immune response to peanut in peanut allergic patients. The second part of the project will evaluate clinical samples obtained from clinical trials of novel treatment approaches for peanut allergy currently underway with Aravax in Australia and with Stanford University in the United States of America. The project collectively aims to determine how specific treatments can train the immune systems of peanut allergic subjects to tolerate peanut protein, paving the way for improved management and treatment in food allergy.

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