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Management Team

Dr Sara Prickett

(BSc, PhD)

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr Pascal Hickey 

(BPharm, PhD)

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Paul Laidler 

(BPharm, PhD)

Director Product Development

Judy Bingham

(BPharm, MHA)

Director Regulatory Operations


Jeanette Lodge

(BSc,  MMedSc)

Quality Manager

Dr Andrew Humberstone

(BPharm, PhD)

Director Clinical Development

2023_Low Res_AH white background CROP_Aravax Headshot_JoanneManaritiPhotography_05.jpg
Annette Leahy Headshot.jpg

Annette Leahy


Director Clinical Operations

Matthew Moyle.jpg

Dr Matthew Moyle

(BSc, PhD)

Head, Commercial Development

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