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Aravax forms research collaboration with Benaroya Research Institute

20th January 2017, Melbourne, Victoria – Today Aravax established a collaboration with the prestigious Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle. The research group led by Erik Wambre (PhD) will work with Aravax on research into immunological responses to Aravax’s therapy, PVX108. PVX108 utilises peptides that represent carefully selected fragments of peanut proteins to switch off allergic reactions to peanuts. Unlike other peanut allergy immunotherapies under development, the peptides do not contain the parts of the peanut proteins that cause life-threatening anaphylactic reactions. Understanding the mechanisms by which the immune system induces and controls allergic inflammation is critical to monitor and understand changes induced from therapeutics, such as PVX108. The collaboration with the Benaroya Research Institute will enable further validation and a better understanding of the immunological actions and effects of PVX108 and will help inform future clinical development. Aravax plans to commence clinical trials for this therapeutic later this year.

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